Thursday, May 19, 2011

What a Day!

Yes – today is my birthday AND A & B’s preschool graduation. Wow! And yes, since it is my birthday, it is no surprise that I am late in posting to the blog. Just ask my mother, I was born late (almost a month past my due date) and have been running late ever since.

Most days, I don’t think about how old I am, in fact, I don’t feel “old.” But, since people have been asking me, here’s some of the “life lessons/observations” I have to share:

1. My kids keep me young! I have energy to keep going from work to softball to Hy-Vee every day.

2. I am going from zits to wrinkles. On a positive note, I have learned that Retin-A helps with both.

3. I am finally understanding the difference between “want” and “need.”

4. I am starting to sound like my mom. And yes, it does make me pause.

5. Family is #1 and every day with them should be cherished.

Ok – enough of the sentimental rhetoric. I am not sure what 33 is supposed to “feel like.” Growing up, I remember looking forward to turning 16 and 21, but what now? Should I stop watching Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill? Do I now have to stop buying cute, but completely impractical, shoes? Will I start yelling at teenage drivers? Am I “old”?

While I have never had great self-confidence/self-esteem, I am coming to a place where I am “comfortable” being me. Maybe with age comes wisdom?

No matter how “old” I feel, I am going to be one proud mommy tonight!

Have a great day!

Jean Anne

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