Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

This past weekend, as you know, was our holiday…Mother’s Day. A time for extra hugs and kisses from our kids, a new crayon portrait for our offices, a new picture frame made from an old cd case. A time for us to get a little spoiling from the people we spoil the other 364 days of the year.

But for me, Mother’s Day is also a time for me to honor and thank all the amazing mothers around me. From my amazing Mom, to my Grandma, sisters, mother-in-law, aunts, godmothers, and friends, it’s a time for me to remember all the amazing Moms around me who help shape the Mother I am today.

I had an amazing Mother’s Day weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect and I had a weekend jammed packed with fun with my family. My cheeks still hurt from all the smiling!

I started my extended weekend (because yes Mother’s Day is more than a day for me, it’s a multi-day event), on Thursday with lunch with one of my closest friends who was in town visiting her Mom for mother’s day. This friend is so dear to me, she’s one of my favorite people and the godmother to L. We met up at our favorite restaurant and I got a chance to just vent for over an hour. Any Mom knows that lunch with good friends is a special gift. It's our free therapy, a time to be seen as someone other than Mommy.  My friend listened to me vent about work, stress, life. I left lunch truly happy that I have the friends I do in my life.

Friday, I worked and then attended parent teacher conferences at the kids’ daycare. I had three excellent reports which of course made me beam with pride. I also treated myself to a lunch hour shopping trip. Sure it was just a trip to Hobby Lobby for decorations for the kids' room...but to me shopping feels good no matter what the occasion! I also got my favorite flowers (tulips) delivered to me at work from Todd and the kids.

Saturday, my family and I headed to Tulip Time in Pella, Iowa. It’s our annual mother’s day weekend tradition as it is my favorite town festival. We always pick up my Mother-in-law and head to the parade and festivities in the small town (and of course take hundreds of pictures). This year was extra special to me because my best friend (and fellow JD Mom Jean) met us there. Jean and I have been best friends since law school. Jean is my "scarecrow", you know Dorothy's favorite, the one she missed the most when she left Oz!  I grew up with two brothers and so I always longed for a sister. Little did I know God gave me one, I just didn’t find her for 23 years! Jean is a member of my family no matter what our DNA says. Getting to spend a few hours with my dearest friend, her Mom, and her daughters made my day.

Pella is a few hours from our house, so I got another treat on Saturday...a car trip with my husband. I love talking to my husband, but our schedules are crazy so we don’t really ever get time to just sit and talk. That’s why I LOVE car trips with him, especially late night car trips when we aren’t interrupted by the “Mom I have to go to the bathroom”, “Mom she looked at me funny", "Mom, he's sitting too close to me" moments. Getting some time alone with my husband reminds me how much I love being a wife. After the kids come, Moms often don't get a lot of moments to remember we are wives and women in love. So a few hours in that world felt wonderful!

Sunday I was woken up by my kids who greeted me with a card and a “one in a million Mom” button. We then headed to my hometown to spend time with my Mom. We picnicked in the park with my Mom and step-dad, brother and his family, and Grandma. We played baseball, ate great food, laughed, and then went fishing at a nearby pond. Later on in the day we FaceTime talked with my other brother and his wife who live in Texas. During that moment where my family was all crowded around my oldest brother’s IPad talking all together I realized how lucky I am to have this family.

I’m lucky to be a Mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a granddaughter, and a best friend. Because of the roles in my life, I got to spend a weekend with all my soulmates, ranging from my 11 month old son L to my 87 year old grandmother. All these people that love me enough to want to celebrate with me during this very special weekend.

But after a few days of pure Mommy fun, my favorite memory from this Mother’s Day came at nearly the end of my celebration. As we were leaving my Mom’s house to head back home my Mom came out to do her usual, buckle the kids in, hugs and kisses and good-bye routine. J reached out for a hug, embraced my Mom and said:

“Happy Mother’s Day Nana. Thank you. You’re such a good Mom to my Mom”.

Both my Mom and I teared up hearing J’s little voice. I don’t think J will realize it for many years to come but the fact my Mom was a good Mom helped to make me the Mom I am to J.  She was right-on to say Thank You to the woman who made me, well ME!  All the credit I get of being a good or fun Mom stems from the fact that I was taught how to do it by an amazing Mother. I think that's what Mother's Day is all about...truly recognizing that you are who you are because of the amazing woman that not only brought you into the world, but holds your hand and navigates you through the journey.

I hope everyone had amazing weekends filled with love, fun, and time to reflect on how truly blessed we are to live the lives we live!


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