Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shh...I Have a Secret

No, I am not pregnant!! This secret may surprise some of you, as I just found out about it myself.

The secret…I like to run. (wow – totally had you going with suspense, didn’t I?)

So while this isn’t earth shattering news, it is news to me. For the longest time, I hated to run. And while I was athletic in when I was younger, I still hated to just go out and run. I didn’t see the point and was known to say “If I have to go farther than a mile, why don’t we just hop in the car?”

But just last week in my quest to cross the 5K off my bucket list, I started on my goal. My co-worker got me away from my desk and we went for a run over our lunch break (ok…so technically mine was more of a fast walk than a run, but at least it is a start!). Yes, I was looking good in the Adidas wind pants, new running shoes and Ipod Shuffle. Ha! And I did it again on Wednesday and Saturday too!

Now, I may run like a duck, but at least I have started on my goal, which makes me feel great! Plus, it is about the only free moment in my day where it is just me…and that is a luxury. No long conference calls, no whiny (I mean, wonderful) children, no cranky hubby – just me and the music.

So now I know why everyone runs – they are not running to something, but running away from all of the stress of life. It is the one moment where this mommy can just be Jean Anne – a woman just trying to put one foot in front of the other.

Who knew, right?

Jean Anne

P.S. Many thanks to the creator of my play list for the Ipod Shuffle.

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