Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I Am Thankful For...

Yes folks, it is that time of year when we take time out to list out what we are thankful for.  Granted, we should do this more often (similar to the count your blessings theme) but, as we all know, kids, work, dishes, errands, etc. get in the way.  To give you a little idea, here is what A &B are thankful for:

A: My grandma and grandpa, mama and Jetta
B: My mommy and daddy and Jetta dog

It really is that simple for them.  Although, I do know that hubby will be a little hurt that A did not include him (he is off deer hunting, and she is a little unhappy she didn't get to go).  As for me, well, this took a little more thought:
  1. My children - I honestly don't know what I would do without them.  They make me crazy some times, but when they laugh, smile and tell me that I am their best friend and they love me, it makes me realize I am the luckiest person in the world.
  2. My hubby - yes, he makes me crazy most of the time too, but I he is my constant.  Things may get crazy for us, but we are a team.
  3. My parents - I am a spoiled rotten only child, so you know they are included :)!  They still take care of me AND spoil A & B rotten now!
  4. My family - without them, I would not be the person I am today.  I just wish we could all be together more often!
  5. My best friend - she knows me better than anyone else.  And still loves me!  I know that when we are 60 and still looking fabulous, we will still be laughing about our dancing skills!
  6. The Fab Four - best friends forever!  Now, if we could all be in the same state again.
  7. My job - in current times, I know how lucky I am to have a job.  And one where my boss appreciates my hard work AND understands the need for family time.  Amazing!
  8. A house over my head. 
  9. Health (for everyone close to me)
  10. A positive attitude
  11. Caring friends
  12. Great teachers at daycare and preschool
  13. Good neighbors
  14. My guardian angels
  15. Second chances
Ok - I am sure there are more, but for now, I am lost in happy memories.  Please take the time out to reflect on what you are thankful for.  I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

Jean Anne

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