Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Maybe the title of this post should be "I don't understand men," but that may be too much of a topic to tackle in one night, so I think I will stick with my first thought. 

My frustration stems mostly from my hubby, who I lately just don't understand.  He is leaving this week to head up to northern Wisconsin to have his yearly deer hunting time with his grandfather, father, mother and this year, even his sister and his nephew.  Now, I love that he has this tradition with his family (and I am especially glad that the girls and I do not have to go!!), so please don't think that I am a horrible wife on this point.  This makes his grandfather's year and you can see from the family photos that this is a happy time for them.  And it doesn't even bother me that he will be gone for 6 days.

What bothers me is that he hasn't spent any time with his kids (and me) in the past week.  In fact, this weekend, we did not have any plans at all, yet he managed to find something else to do.  And if you ask him, these things had to be done.  On Saturday, he had to go set out feed for deer hunting in Iowa, then head to his friend B's to be supportive.  And on Sunday, he went out goose hunting in the morning, then spent all afternoon hanging Christmas lights.  And yes, I love Christmas lights and being supportive of friends, but he is going to be gone next week.  Isn't family more important?  He couldn't even sit through Toy Story 3 (yes, for the 4th time) with the girls.

When I know that travel plans are coming up for me, I like to spend every waking moment with the girls.  If things come up, I postpone them (especially laundry and the dishes!).  I even tried to talk with him about it this weekend, but I think all he heard from me was "nagging."  It's not that I don't want him to go and have fun on the weekend or deer hunting, but I would like to feel like we are important too. 

Am I just being too much of a nag?  I really do think his family is the most important thing in his life, I just wish he would express it.  Am I not seeing his side? 

Thanks for the advice/thoughts!

Jean Anne


  1. I completley understand where you are coming from! I've written about a million posts like this and you are MUCH nicer to Scott than I ever am to Husband! I don't have an answer for you, but know that I understand where you are coming from. Enjoy the week with the girls and maybe you'll be surprised at how much S missed his girls when he gets home!

  2. I say forget about him and come and spend the weekend with us!! We're doign Christmas stuff this weekend with Festival of Trees!!! Woo-Hoo!! I don't understand men either...grrr! But no you are not being too tough, if Todd pulled something like this...he'd be a goner! :-)