Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What Do You Want For Christmas?

Yes, I realize that it is November and Christmas is right around the corner (less than 47 days!) but I am not ready. My in-laws were in town this weekend and my mother-in-law (MIL) asked me what the girls wanted for Christmas. (I thought about blogging on the in-laws' visit, but I am still too traumatized to re-live it!)
If you were to ask A & B what they want for Christmas, they each would have a list a mile long, with little duplication. And every time they see a new toy on TV or we walk through the Barbie aisle at Target, another item is added to the list. But do they really want all of that stuff? Or do they even remember what they wanted the day before? No, with the exception of a Scooby Doo game or a trip to the Caribbean (yes, Mommy wants that too!).

So, of course, I couldn’t answer my MIL. And then she asked what the girls needed. Now I was definitely not an English major, but I do know the difference between want and need. And I am one of those spoiled children who received fun Christmas gifts when I was younger, not socks or underwear. (Thanks Mom!) However, my MIL is not on the same wavelength. So with a heavy heart, I mentioned that the girls needed winter dresses, heavy tights and cute winter shoes and boots.

And surprisingly, she seemed excited at the prospect at this answer. However, I soon realized that this excitement was merely at having a concrete answer, rather than an “I have no idea.” Yep, as soon as she looked at the girls’ closet, she noted that it was jam packed with clothes. And that is true – it is stuffed. However, you must know that A & B share a closet that no wider than a closet door (not a double door closet/closet with sliding doors) nor is it deeper than 3 feet. Pretty much it is your typical hall closet (or maybe smaller). And 2 girls share it! The closet currently holds fall outfits, skirts, jackets, and 3 (yes 3) long sleeve dresses.

So, as soon as she saw the closet, I knew my hopes of having the girls receive cute dresses from their Grandma C were long gone. So, I really hope she finds cute underwear and socks for them! And I hope that A & B have learned my fake smile!

Jean Anne

P.S. I still have no idea what Mommy and Daddy are getting A & B for Christmas. Can’t I just make it through Thanksgiving first? Although, I really like the Caribbean trip idea!

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