Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Elusive Day Off

So many of you know that today was supposed to be a "day off" for me today.  I used quotations marks around "day off" because it really wasn't a "day off" in terms of relaxing, sipping some overpriced coffee, reading a book with more than 100 words, and basically, not doing anything productive. 

The plans for today included taking the girls in late to pre-school, enjoying a nice breakfast, hanging up pictures on the wall (long overdue and somewhat relaxing), watching some TV from my DVR, having a nice lunch with my BFF, then heading out to do some shopping and the consignment stores to hopefully get some $$.  And let's see, what have I done today?  One of the above?  (And yes, the rant begins!)

So what am I doing today?  Working!  And not housework or errand running.  And to be honest, I had a fear that this would happen.  The projects I have been on are expanding exponentially and not showing any signs of stopping.  Additionally, I am somewhat new in my position and want to show everyone that I can do this.  But when a meeting was called today (over the lunch hour, no less) I was angry and thought "NO!!  This is my only free "me" day!!"  Plus, it wasn't even a conference call, so I am all dressed to impress!

As many working parents know, there is no such thing as day off.  PTO/sick days/time off work is used for sick kids, school functions, or holidays (or, actually sick days for a parent!).  Free time is almost unheard of, because if we are not at work, we are running errands, going to school/sporting events and just basically being with our kids.  And a whole free day is a myth (similar to the lost city of Atlantis (unless you watch Phineas and Ferb) or my husband cooking a meal for the kids!).  So I had marked this day on my calendar since May! 

I do realize I am very lucky to have a job, especially in today's market.  And yes, my wonderful manager is letting me take time off on another day.  But I just wanted today, because that other time will be when a child is ill or we need to travel for the holidays. 

Sorry about that rant...It could be worse.  But I just wanted to be in my pjs :)

Jean Anne

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