Friday, November 26, 2010


Ahh, Thanksgiving. One of the best holidays of the year, without a doubt. It involves all of the things necessary to make a great holiday without any of the stressors that ruin other holidays. There’s no stressful shopping for impossible gifts, no need to dress up in a costume or perform a trick to get your treat and no religious affiliation that could make for uncomfortable dinner conversations among mixed-religion families. Nope, Thanksgiving is all about family, food, football and counting your blessings. It’s perfect.

Topping off all of this perfection is Black Friday. A day dedicated to shopping. For a girl like me – who likes shopping a WHOLE lot more than football – Black Friday is a great break from reminding myself how thankful I am to be cooped up in an overly warm house with all of my closest relatives shouting at some football game on tv. Plus, it’s a great excuse for an afternoon nap.

So today, one day after stuffing ourselves with the delicious Thanksgiving dinner we put together yesterday, my sister-in-law and I are going to go stuff ourselves with retail therapy and most likely buy a bunch of things we don’t need but can’t pass up because they are such a “deal.” We’re going to get swept up in the current of crazy, and shop ‘til we drop. And we’ll spend another day remembering how blessed we are to spend this time together. 

 I hope that all of your Thanksgivings were filled with all of the same blessings.  Or at least some delicious turkey.  Now if you'll excuse me, I believe I have some shopping to do. . .


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