Friday, March 25, 2011

What To Watch?

While I could sing the theme song to most kids’ TV shows (Phineas and Ferb are gonna do it all….), I am not even sure I could tell you what shows are on the major networks (with the exception of Wipeout on ABC – a guilty pleasure for our whole family!). But as I strive to balance my life (and continue on my Year of the Mommy!), I am finding a little time to watch TV (hopefully while I am on the elliptical machine!).
So this probably will be a short post today, but what do you watch? Are there shows out there that are a “must see” for you? With my the help of my trusty DVR (what did we do without that?!?), I can view shows at crazy times to match my crazy schedule!

Currently, I MUST watch Modern Family. Many times I catch myself thinking that they hubby and I resemble Phil and Claire a little too much! And I am trying to catch on to Glee, especially when Jane Lynch is on (Waiting for Guffman anyone?). And if possible, I try to catch Burn Notice on USA.

But what else is out there? Is NCIS still on? I love Mark Harmon. Are there great Mom shows out there I should be tuning into?

I realize this post may be a little trivial, but given any mom’s lack of free time, the show must be good if she has to make time for it!

So time to ‘fess up! What show is your guilty pleasure?


Jean Anne


  1. Glee is far and away my favorite show...definitely one to get into. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Brothers and Sisters. I am slowly getting burned out on Grey's Anatomy. I am also highly addicted to cooking shows and HGTV. A great show for you to watch with the hubby is Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy on History. It's so funny and Todd and I watch it together every week.

  2. I actually like Phineas and Ferb :)
    Law and Order SVU, Castle, Dancing with the Stars are the only ones I watch regularly, along with Wipeout :) Freddie likes the big balls, lol....