Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Mornings have been a little soggy around my household lately.  KJ has had accidents during the night for the past two nights.  And of course, he wasn't wearing a pull up either night.  Which means that every morning lately we've had to change the sheets, do a load of laundry and give KJ a bath before we even got started on all of the other things we do each day before we leave for work/school.  Yesterday, I was late for work.  Today I got up super early to accommodate, but still just made it into work on time.  Yikes.  What's a working mom to do? 

When we trained KJ we did it the old-fashioned way - bribery.  He got an M&M every time he told us he had to go potty, went potty and washed his hands.  It worked fine.  He was trained well before his third birthday and I was sure we'd be done with accidents by now. 

But for some reason consistent nighttime dryness eludes us.  Many nights KJ stays dry.  But when he doesn't, he really doesn't.  I've tried to find some triggers to his nighttime wetness, but haven't come up with anything consistent.   I'm not sure what the problem could be. 

There is, of course, an easy solution for right now - keep KJ in pull ups at night.  But he doesn't want to wear them and I want to encourage him to want to be a big boy.  Plus, we know he can make it all night long - he's been doing that for months.  But I'm kind of out of ideas on how to keep him dry consistently.  And I'm certainly tried of doing a load of laundry before 7 am each day!  Any tips from our readers out there?  What did you do to teach your child to stay dry all night long?


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