Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Love March!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! It is set to be a beautiful day and I, for once, don’t have any meetings over lunch, so I can go watch the parade at noon – woo hoo!! Or…I can head to lunch and watch something much more exciting…

Yes, folks, it is that wonderful time of year again. It’s tourney time baby (and say it like Dickie V would!)! No serious, thought-provoking post today. Nope – I have spent way too much time agonizing over my bracket to even think about a meaningful topic. And have I chosen correctly? Will my 12 pick over the 5 seed really win? Who will be the Cinderella team this year? All these questions and much more to be revealed on CBS over the coming weeks!

Whether you are a college hoops fan or not, March Madness® cannot be ignored. It changes our TV viewing schedules, topics of discussion around the “water cooler,” and top articles in the newspaper. Luckily, my family LOVES college hoops, so we are excited for March (even if my team is not in it!). And, I slyly try to work in some “learning” during the games. Such as identifying numbers and names on the scoreboard, or working on time using the shot clock. Plus, spelling also comes into play with “I-L-L-I-N-I!”

So what does your family do to celebrate? Do you have everyone fill out the brackets and whoever wins gets a prize/bragging rights? Are you sporting your favorite team colors or jerseys? (This was difficult today for my hubby, as he is a Wisconsin Badger fan, but had to wear green for St. Paddy’s Day!) Did you take the day off work to watch the games?

Well, whether you are a “Rock Chalk Jayhawk” or one of the “Cameron Crazies,” enjoy the fun! And next year, let’s hope the BU Braves can make a run for the MVC tourney title!

Jean Anne

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