Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A, B, C or D?

As many of you know, I am not your typical attorney. I manage a team in the Operational Risk world for a financial institution. I continue to keep up with my CLE requirements up, pay my Bar dues and continue to field questions from friends regarding wills, cases on Law & Order and other “legal” issues. I had assumed that once I had passed the bar exam, my testing and school days were over. But, you know what they say about assumptions…
In working with some of my team members on their developmental goals, other tests/designations kept reoccurring. CRCM, CIA, CPA, and any other acronym you can think of. And when I actually listened in on a call describing the CRCM exam, all I kept hearing was “multiple choice test” and “taking a chunk of your life.”

As Dr. Doofenschmirtz would say on Phineas and Ferb: “FLASHBACK.” I remember the bar exam vividly, kind of like a nightmare you can’t escape. The squeaky wheel from a wheelchair of one of the proctors, little to no sleep, singing “Eye of the Tiger” as a theme song, and walking out of the multiple choice portion thinking I had not answered one question correctly. But I survived and actually passed the bar exam.

In learning additional details about the CRCM exam, I thought, well, at least it is only 4 hours to answer 200 multiple choice questions. But the time and dedication people put into it was overwhelming. Start studying 6 months ahead of time, make flash cards, take pre-tests…sure all of that is easy if you don’t have a full-time job, soccer practice to go to, swim lessons, making dinner and laundry. When I studied for the bar that was my main focus. Now I have to study again? And when?

Plus, there are continuing education requirements and annual membership for each designation. Really? How about some overlap here?

So, I am frustrated because I really don’t have the desire nor time to take another exam. And it may help me advance in my career, but at what cost? And do another set of initials mean I do my job that much better?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Jean Anne

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  1. I know I am late but I am just now seeing this blot. I am a Mom of one and trying to study for the CRCM exam that is one month away. I have been in Banking -Consumer Compliance for over 5 years. I thought my studying days were over after getting my Master's Degree. Did you take the exam?