Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sweatpants Phase

Similarly to being stuck in a rut, I am stuck in the Sweatpants Phase of my marriage. What is the Sweatpants Phase? Well, it means going around most weekends in sweatpants/windpants/warm-up or yoga pants and t-shirts/sweatshirts. And I am not just talking about around the house. No, you will often see me in Target or Hy-vee on a Saturday afternoon in Adidas running pants and a Bradley University sweatshirt, with the hair pulled up in a pony tail (possibly even with a scrunchie) and no make-up. It also means on the rare date night, I may throw on some jeans, a Gap shirt and maybe some lip gloss and call it good.

Gone are the days of trying to look my best for my hubby. This became ever-so-apparent this weekend. As my family headed to the craft show (yes, I said craft show!), we run face-to-face into hubby’s good friend, B. And, more importantly, B’s much younger girlfriend. And there I was in pink, fuzzy yoga pants, layered shirts, no make-up and damp hair. And there she was, looking adorable in a cute cardigan, jeans, boots, scarf, hair looking perfectly in place and light makeup. And as B introduced me to his girlfriend, I suddenly felt very aware of my sweats. (Did I mention B is very good looking?)

When did I give up trying to look cute for my hubby? Are we too comfortable with each other? On one side, I know that no matter what I wear, hubby will think I look beautiful, because he sees past the outside and knows the real me. But, part of me misses those days where I wanted to look special for him.

And is part of my sweatpants phase due to my working mom wardrobe? Every day for work (except casual Fridays), I am in dress clothes. I normally do not wear suits, unless presenting/facilitating, but you can find my in dress pants, a nice shirt or sweater and dress shoes (sometimes even heels!!) most every weekday. My weekend is my time to relax and be comfy. Plus, running errands with A & B often resembles more of a workout then a quick trip to the grocery store. If only I could learn to run in heels?!?! And, honestly, some of it stems from the fact that I need to lose weight and don’t feel that “cute” anymore. My “date” clothes are definitely dated and a little tight!

So, is anyone else in the same boat? And how do you avoid this phase? And how do I find time to work out while I am in my work-out pants?


Jean Anne

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  1. I made the incorrect statement once on facebook that most men do not care weather a girl wears makeup or not. I got straightened out right quick by a couple of guys who corrected me saying that they appreciate it when a woman wants to look her best. It is easy to get caught up in the "throw something on and go" mentality. besides Scott appreciateing it, you will feel better about yourself as well and that carries on to many parts of your life beyond just trying to look good for your man! Try to look good for yourself too!