Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Times

Today is one of those rare February days people in the Midwest cherish.  Just a few weeks after digging our way out from under feet of snow, we have a bight, sunshiny day that reminds us that spring isn't too far off.  Even better than the weather, is the mood of this blog lately.  I'm sure we've all been struggling along as usual, but amidst our struggles, we've found some bright spots.  Jean's kicked it back and channeling her inner kid.  Mandi is rocking a girls' night tonight.  And I'm just soaking up the rays of happiness emanating from my family and closest friends, all of which are celebrating life events this week (welcome babies!  happy weddings!).  Pretty rocking. 

 Keeping with the happy theme, I ran across this article about seven delicious deserts you can eat without guilt -- including Frosties!  

So soak it up, my Midwestern friends.  It's Friday.  It's gorgeous outside.  And now you can indulge in chocolate guilt free.  I don't think it can get much better than this!


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