Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feeling Like a Kid Again

I just have to share a recent experience that really made me feel like a kid again. Last Sunday, my family went sledding/tubing and had a GREAT time! And, selfishly, I got to feel like a kid with no worries, not a 32 year old stressed out, working mommy.

My hubby had won free tubing passes through work and we had been waiting for good weather to hit the “slopes.” So when the weather forecast showed a high of 48 degrees on Sunday, we broke out the snow pants and boots and climbed in the van with excitement and trepidation. (As you may recall, last time I went sledding, I ended up with a pulled back muscle and a broken sled. And I continued to have that worry that my kids were going to get hurt and probably should be in helmets and full body armor!)

But Sunday turned out to be fantastic! And, boy, is it a lot easier for kids now to go “tubing.” There was a rope tow to pull them up the hill, so they just plopped down in the tube and glided up the hill. Who remembers tromping up hills, slipping and sliding, just trying to get to the top before your friends? How many broken bones (and trees) did we just barely avoid? And did we ever think about safety helmets?

On our very first trip down the hill, we were able to connect all of our tubes and slide down as a family. What fun! After that, A & B wanted to go on their own (independent little girls!). And then Mommy’s worry began. But after seeing how much fun they had (and how bundled they were), my fears went away. There weren’t any trees to run into, the staff made sure no one would run into each other, and A & B showed no signs of killing themselves.

So after a slight push, there I was, on my way down the hill with the moon shining above, relishing in the fact that I was on this wild ride by myself. And I started to laugh.

Man, it felt good to be a kid again.

Jean Anne

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