Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Last night and this morning, I was thinking of ideas for my post today. Should I write about new activities for the girls? What about voicing my disdain for fire drills at work? Or maybe I should just admit to lack of technology skills and ask for help?
Well, readers, this time the blog topic hit me straight in the face about 8 AM this morning while we dropped the girls off at daycare.

Ms. Kristina: “Are you putting the girls in kindergarten in the Fall?”

Hubby and I (with actual confidence in our voices): “Yes.”

Ms Kristina: “Really? They just seem so small.”

And in that instance, my confidence crumbled.

I have had this discussion with my hubby, family and friends several times. And each time I end up coming to the same conclusion – A & B are headed to kindergarten in the fall 2011. We have discussed pros and cons, financial implications, social implications, schedules and my basic fears about my babies going to school. But each time, we end up with the same conclusion – kindergarten.

You should know that A & B were born in July and will be 5 years old when then start kindergarten in August. They will not be the youngest in their class, but definitely will not be the oldest. And yes, they are twins, but are not small for their age, as both are tall and healthy. To add flavor to some of our discussions, my hubby’s birthday is in late September and he was one of the oldest kids in his class. On the other side of the coin, Grandpa’s birthday is in early September and he was the youngest in his class. Both agree that the girls are ready for kindergarten.

For some reason, I always thought that there was not a choice to hold your child back an additional year. I thought the deadline/cut-off date from the school board made that choice for parents. Did I miss the boat along the way? When did this become optional? And what reasons for holding a child back?

I am trying to be a realistic parent (not a “my children are the next Doogie Howser M.D” parent), but I believe my girls are smart enough to belong in kindergarten and am unsure of how another year of pre-school would benefit them. And yes, I do think long term (i.e. Notre Dame for college), so I do wonder if being the oldest in their class would be helpful academically?

Some of you I imagine are in the same boat as me and I would appreciate your thoughts. Am I missing something important as I make this decision? Am I just being a worry wart?


Jean Anne

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  1. I think you will be fine starting them in July. I think our generation,(who by the way will be the ones approving college admittance) will wonder why were they held back a year and conclude it must of been because of A) bad or immature behavior or B)poor academics. Most states require children to be 5 by September 1, so they fall in that cut off. I say don't worry about starting them. They are bright girls. If you hold them back, they many not be academically challenged...