Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Greener grass?

I have a pretty good excuse for posting so late today:  I am spending the day as a stay at home mom.  In a rare twist of fate, KJ got sick on a day where I actually could stay home.  So I did.  And because I am home so rarely (and I know I won't see them tomorrow night due to a marketing event), I let Sweet Pea stay home too. And while we've had our fun this morning, I am very, very happy that right now is nap time. 

Three loads of laundry, two million false alarm trips to the potty (Sweet Pea is still training) and one broken thermometer later, I'm ready for a break.  I've never thought that being a full-time stay at home mom would be easy, and now - after just a few hours of experiencing it - I'm sure. 

To all you stay at home moms who do it every day - you're amazing.  And to my work, don't worry.  I'll be in tomorrow. 


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  1. It does get easier, but some days are still better (and much worse!) than others :)