Thursday, October 13, 2011

This Weekend

This weekend, my hubby and I are headed back to my hometown (well, 2 miles from my hometown) for his 10 year college reunion. Has it really been 10 years? Looking back, I can’t believe our lives have changed so much, yet, in some ways, not at all. And I can’t believe we are actually spending time together, without the girls!!

This weekend is long overdue for us. It probably comes as no surprise to most of you, but spending time together is not always our #1 priority. (Now I am not saying this is right or wrong, I am just being honest). Between work, soccer and dance practices, grocery shopping, school, daily “chores” and basically just making it through the day, we don’t focus on “us.” Adding in traveling on the weekends, hunting season and upcoming holidays, means I can’t remember the last time we had a date night.

And while I realize this needs to change, realizing it needs to happen and actually making it happen are 2 very different things. I am jealous of those couples who seem to be able to do it all (have a happy marriage AND raise a great family). How do they do it? How can they afford a babysitter every month? And if they do, when is there a break from the “normal” family activities to go out to dinner? If you look at my calendar since July, we have had maybe 2 “free” weekends.

Maybe these are all just excuses. To be completely honest, I don’t feel like I spend enough time with my kids during the week, so any “free” time I have, I want to spend with them. But this puts my marriage at a disadvantage (probably not the correct word, but you get my meaning). I know I need to put more work (I hate to say that – how about more heart?) into my marriage. Luckily, this weekend is a perfect time to get back to “us” meaning the 2 of us, not the whole family. Hopefully we can find something to talk about besides work and the kids. Or maybe we can just go back to being “us” and watching Sportscenter.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jean Anne

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