Thursday, October 27, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Babes

So lately, there has been some craziness going on in my life (more than normal) and I just don’t want to take a “deep dive” into it today. So instead, I am featuring funny quotes from my girls (yes, I keep a running tab). So hopefully, these put a smile on your face.

“I am really smart. I have a lot of stuff up here (pointing to her head).” – A

“I don’t know why he wants to be my boyfriend. I’m not nice to him.” – A

“I think Daddy would like a Scooby balloon for his birthday. Then, he can let me borrow it.” – B

“Mom (in that sing-song voice), I need to go to the bathroom before soccer, so I can run super fast.” – A

“I love you Daddy. Now can I have the Barbie Dreamhouse?” – B

“Mommy, you look like you need to go shopping. I think we should go on vacation on a plane so you can go shopping and I can go with you.” – A

“Does it count to trying something new if I try a French fry dipped in ice cream?” – B

“Mommy, you look like a princess (the first time I wore a fancier dress)” – B

In asking my 5 year olds for advice:
A: ”Mommy, you need something else besides that necklace and shirt.”
Me: “Is this better?” (after adding a jacket.)
A: “Nope, but you still need something.”
Me: “Does this shirt make me look fat?”
A: “No, but it makes you look funny.”
“I did not hmph.” – A
A: “Can we get that?” (regarding a toy in Target)
Me: “No, Mommy doesn’t have enough money.”
A: Where’s Grandpa? He has quarters.”

“Daddy will totally flip out when he sees this.” – B (referring to her new Scooby shirt)

These are just a few of the funny sayings I hear all the time. Now, if only I was able to capture them (and the facial expressions that accompany them) on camera.
Happy Thursday!

Jean Anne

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