Monday, October 24, 2011

25 Things - 2011 Edition

Remember about 2-3 years ago when everyone was getting started on Facebook and the “25 Things” craze started? You had to list the 25 things that people wouldn’t know about you…quirks, things you like, etc.

Well, this weekend I happened to come across my list of 25 things. It was drafted January 25, 2009. So allow me to present 2009 Mandi (drum roll please):
1. I am a Mom before anything else in my life...maybe that's why my house is always a mess, I'm always disorganized, and the mail pile on my desk never grows shorter!

2. When I first became a lawyer (at my first job) I seriously considered finding another profession...thank God I stuck it out!

3. The hardest thing I ever had to do in my life is be a working Mom - and its a struggle everyday!

4. I consider my inner strength my best attribute - but I'm only strong because my strength is tested so much!!

5. One thing I definitely need to learn is forgiveness!

6. I scrapbook everything and my kids will probably hate me when I die because already J has 12 volumes of scrapbooks and H has 7!! But I am determined to keep going even if they have to buy a bigger house to hold all the books!

7. I have somehow managed to remain a hopeless romantic for 30 years.

8. I believe Sweetest Day is a REAL holiday

9. I never thought it would take me 29 years to find the man of my dreams and when he came on November 5th I had to change his diapers, rock him to sleep, hold him when he cries, and constantly keep my eye on him as he is usually up to no good! (he even is wrestling the dog at my feet right now as I am writing this)

10. I LOVE that when I look at J I see myself as a little girl

11. My favorite person in the world to make laugh is my brother Brian, he is also one of the first I cry to as well!

12. I could not live without my Mom and that scares me

13. Instead of a diary I make (almost) monthly playlists on my IPOD and when I listen to old ones I can remember the times. I've done this long before I-POD's and started this in 1994 on blank "tapes".

14. I love cherry flavor but hate cherries

15. I cannot for some stupid reason put my own earrings in!

16. I will never understand how my two chaotic children put me so at peace!

17. My dream job would be a stay at home Mom

18. Although some people don't think I do...I actually can cook and do it quite often!!

19. I truly don't know my natural haircolor as I have colored it dozens of colors starting at Age 15!

20. I was very excited to turn 30 to close the chapter of my "emotional roller coaster" 20's.

21. For four generations, every woman on my Mom's side of the family (related by blood) has hazel eyes with a dot in the eye. J has it too!

22. I love musicals - and am trying to convert my husband to them as well!

23. I love decorating my house - and I won't be satisfied with it until I make it look like a Pottery Barn catalog!

24. My Mom was my maid of honor at my wedding - because she has been the one person in my life to never leave my side!

25. I love that my husband still holds my hand when we walk!

Nearly two years later I thought it was time to update my 25 things list, because oh how times have changed. My husband can't hold my hand when we walk as I have three kids fighting for a coveted spot. And decorating my house? That has taken a back seat to the never ending battle to pick it up!

So I think its time to do a new 25 things…. (drum roll again):

1.          I'm pretty sure I have enough crap in my mini-van to keep my family sustained, entertained, fed, and clothed for about 3 days!
2.         There are not many things I hate more than sippy cups.

3.         Although I buy cheap store brand wipes, I have learned the hard way to never buy cheap diapers…trust me, you are better off being poor than cleaning up a blow out in a cheap diaper!

4.         I learned to truly respect my Mom when my daughter was born and learned to truly respect my Mother in Law when my sons were born.
5.         I believe Altoids can cure anything.

6.         I secretly embrace and like my dance Mom-ness (shh! Don’t tell my husband)
7.         I am a song writer. I write songs for my kids all the time…my most famous is our phone number song. “555-5552 That’s my phone number what about you?” and “555-5553 That’s how I call my Daddy”. Look for my album soon! J Ha!
8.         I believe it is impossible to screw up Mexican food, so it is my standby. I mean what doesn’t taste good smothered in cheese?
9.         I’d rather be seen (or have my kids seen) in wrinkly clothes than iron.
10.       I cannot get “Third and Bird” and the “Pillow Pets” song out of my mind. EVER.
11.       I only buy shampoo for my kids after learning a valuable tip from my best friend several years ago that body wash and shampoo are for the most part the same…they just charge you more for the body wash.
12.       Although I am a huge diet pepsi addict, I don’t allow my kids to drink pop. (Oh come on, I wouldn’t be a true parent if I wasn’t a hypocrite).
13.       I find myself listening to some of my kids’ songs even when they aren’t in the car.
14.       It’s not a birthday party in my house until I move the furniture out.
15.       I have a mission to take my kids to see each of the 50 states, which means while you are vacationing at some beach resort, my family is happily driving through Podunk, Arkansas.
16.       I sort of feel guilty when people give me credit for my daughter learning to read at such a young age because I know a frog taught her (Letter Factory series = best DVD out there).
17.       I spring clean with an industrial size dumpster (oh how I wish I was kidding).
18.       I make one hell of a  Skippyjon Jones, but a horrible Pinkalicious.
19.       I still have yet to find the black hole in my house where all the socks and gloves go...but I'm determined to find it.
20.       I have learned to follow the fashion advice of my 5 year old. 
21.       I buy parenting magazines for the recipes and craft project ideas, but skip over the parenting advice.
22.       I am so afraid of spiders that I call my three year old to kill them for me.
23.       The iPad has saved my sanity.
24.       Since my daughter has been born I have called my Mom at least a dozen times to apologize.
25.       My proudest acheivement this year was finally learning how to “surf” on the matchbox cars left on my steps instead of falling constantly!


  1. Hey,

    JD Mom here. Just found this blog and am getting caught up on you all. This is a great blog. There are not that many JD mom blogs out there...I definitely can relate to the blogs about feeling torn. If I win the lotto, I will probably stay home full time. Until then, I have to work...but my heart isn't in it any more. So I am relating to a lot of these posts. Trying to figure out if my pre child mojo will kick in soon...or not.

  2. Welcome Nicole!! We are very happy to have you here. We really appreciate your comments! From one JD Mom to another...glad to have another one to share the madness with! :-) Thanks for reading!