Wednesday, October 19, 2011

peace, quiet, and consistency

Staring at this blank page this morning is daunting.  I can't think of anything profound or life-changing to talk, let's turn lemons into lemonade and discuss the joy of peace, quiet and consistency.

Up to about last week, things were pretty chaotic both at home and at work.  We are still struggling through the transition from sole ownership to partnership, changes in procedures, etc. and it really puts the PAINS in growing pains.  Personalities in the office are seriously clashing and it sometimes feels like a war zone.  At home, we have been struggling daily with the completely frustrating, yet I am told completely normal, behavior of my son.  He will be 9 in 21 days (as he is happy to tell you) and is pushing his boundaries - HARD.  He has acquired the habit of mouthing words with a scrunchy face when he is being disciplined and muttering to himself that is so completely disrespectful and just infuriating.  I know that this is boundary-pushing because he is perfectly pleasant to everyone but me and his dad.  So I least I have the consolation that he is a good boy 75% of the time!

Anyway, this behavior and attitude have become almost common-place at home which means that while at first I was questioning whether I needed to find him a therapist, now I just do my best to contain it, and B is spending a lot of time alone in his room! Peace and Quiet.  We still have "The Incident" and then he goes to his room; he knows it, we know it....consistency. At work, things have quieted down, but mostly because the clashing personalities have clashed so hard (thank goodness I wasn't present for that one!) that they are no longer speaking to each other or to the rest of us except when absolutely necessary.  It's quiet. In my office, secluded from most of the drama, it is peaceful.  Even though I know it is a temporary situation, I'll take it.

As a result, with things at work running along, simmering below the surface, and with things pretty status quo at home, the last week has been quiet, peaceful (relatively speaking) and consistent.  On the plus side, all but TWO of the party invitations for the kids' parties have been delivered, and i was able to give the mom of the last two kids a heads-up on the dates and times.  Last weekend, I finally found what I needed to decorate B's Phineas and Ferb case, so did a trial run on Saturday. It looked awesome and tasted even better! So no worries, there. H has decided on a Butterfly constructed out of cupcakes. That's totally doable, so I'm set there.  I have everything ready for their parties, we've done two of our regular fall activities, another one tonight, then it's waiting patiently for the parties and Halloween and the countdown to Christmas!  I am keeping optimistic that things will continue as peacefully as they have been for the last week or so, and hope that I have to struggle next week for a topic, too, unless I have a brilliant revelation about something.  Because that means things are running smoothly - and there's peace, quiet, and consistency.

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