Thursday, June 2, 2011


Today, I turned 40.  Talk about a time for reflection. In the last ten years, for example, I have started law school, become a mom, completed law school, become an attorney, become a mom again, found a job that I adore and started the process of becoming a partner at my firm.  Not a bad showing, I'd say.

When I think back and wonder "what would have happened if...?" there really isn't a single big decision over the last ten years that I would change.  Which is funny, thinking about it, because seriously, who would have expected me to end up in a small town EVEN SMALLER than the one I grew up in?  Certainly no one who knew me before.  I was the girl who got on a plane three days after high school graduation and flew to California.  I was the girl who got the crazy idea to spend a full year in Japan during college, and who moved to St. Louis within a year of graduating from college!  How in the HECK did I end up here?!

Happy coincidence?  I really don't think so.  Looking back, I think in my heart I was always a small town girl.  I love it that my children can go play in the backyard and up the street without worrying about them.  I love it that my kids know every single other kid in their grade, not to mention those a year above and below them.  That when I walk in to the courthouse, people know each other and that my son calls the Sheriffs' deputies by their first names. 

Today is a great day.  It's been a great life... It's good to be 40.



  1. Happy Birthday!!

  2. You were definitely always a small town girl. That's a good thing. You have incontestable character and people truly enjoy being around you. You brighten people's day simply by entering the room. Here's to 40 great years, and another 40 still ahead of you! Happy (belated) birthday!