Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vacation Time!

JD Mom Jean is going to be taking a brief vacation from blogging for a bit.  As if juggling the twins and every day life weren't enough, Jean's been given a huge project at work that requires a lot of additional time and travel.  She's also trying to squeeze in her own personal vacation this month. 

While I know we will all miss Jean's posts, I'm sure all working moms can relate to Jean's situation.  Sometimes, there are simply too many things to be done.  The JD Moms are excited for Jean's new project, and we want her to be able to focus her time and talents on work and family.  When things settle down, we'll be ready and waiting for some more Jean stories. 

In the meantime, and as Mandi previewed for you on our Facebook page, we have very exciting news to share. We are expanding the blog and a new full-time JD Mom will be joining us this week.  We're super excited to have her, and know that you'll love her too!  We are proud to welcome Christine as the newest member of our crew.

Christine has been a guest blogger on JD Moms in the past but we are thrilled to have her join us as a full time JD Mom. Christine has a small general practice in Guthrie County, Iowa. Christine is married with two children. We can't wait to follow her adventures and hear her voice.

So please help us welcome Christine to JD Moms and stay tuned for her first blog debuting tomorrow! Welcome aboard Christine!
JD Moms

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