Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Mandis

Well as you know, I'm on vacation this week...so in the course of my preparations I looked throught my "vaults" of blogs. The blogs I liken to the crumpled pieces of paper near a songwriter's garbage can. Blogs I started but never finished, or blogs I drafted but then something came up that seemed more relevant at the time. So this week, allow me to "uncrumple" a couple of my vault blogs.

During a date night with Todd we were sitting in a dark theater waiting for a movie to start. I sat there in my "wife" role, and realized that my life is made up of so many personalities. I vary a great deal depending on the role I am put in. So allow me to introduce you to the Mandis:

The Attorney Mandi - My attorney persona, the one I spend half my day in, is ironically the most different from the true Mandi. In fact, in the legal world "Mandi" isn't even Mandi: I go by Amanda in my professional life (because Mandi didn't look right on the business cards). At work, I am generally more serious, quiet, and I must act completely different from my personal life as people who only know me as "Amanda" are so surprised when they friend me on Facebook or get to know me "out of the courtoom". I will admit that over the years I have let "Mandi" shine a little more in my professional life, but still it makes me laugh sometimes to hear people who only know me as Amanda describe me. It's completely different than how my friends or family would describe me.

The Wife Mandi - My wife personality is the one that loves to dress up, wear makeup, be "girly", i.e. the girl my husband met long before I was running around after the three amigos. The hopeless romantic personality, the one who loves to be swept off her feet more than sweeping the floor. I love date nights where I can get dressed up and head out for a fun night with my husband - it reminds me of the years where this was really my only persona.

The Sister Mandi - I love being around my two brothers, because then my sister personality comes out. My brothers are among a rare few that have the same sense of humor as I do. Even Todd will look at me with raised eyebrows sometimes when I laugh at one of my favorite movies. In those moments, I text my brothers, knowing that they will think its hilarious!

The Friend Mandi - The friend Mandi is my vulnerable, open side. Whether they like it or not, my friends get the "joy" of dealing with the dramatic Mandi. Although I have to "keep it together" as a Mom and attorney, I can call or email my best friends and admit to my faults, my mistakes, and the drama that is my life. The perfectionist Amanda can admit that she too has faults!

The Mom Mandi - And then there is my favorite personality...the Mom Mandi. The role I feel the most comfortable in. The role that is the closest one to the true Mandi. My Mom personality is my fun, child like side. As a Mom I don't take myself too seriously. I have fun, color with crayons, run through sprinklers and just enjoy being with the three greatest people to ever come into my life. I think this is why I am a Mom first and foremost, because being a Mom is merely being true to my self.

All of my personalities come together to form...well Mandi. I take a little bit of the personality traits that shine out when I'm with certain people and combine them all into who I am. I think this "multiple personality" world is just part of being a Mom. So if you ever want to talk to the most interesting people in the world...always start with the Moms of the world.


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