Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Case of the Missing Unmentionables

Yesterday was one of those days where I didn't see the kids awake.  I had to drive to work yesterday - something I hate to do.  But I had an after-work meeting at a place that is generally inaccessible by public transportation, so I had no choice.  I left before the sun was up, knowing full well I'd come back home only long after the kids were asleep. 

Because I didn't see the kids awake yesterday, I was particularly excited to see them this morning.  KJ woke up early this morning and crawled into bed with me.  We snuggled for a while and I told him how much I missed him yesterday.  A few minutes later, we got up and went to get ready for school.  KJ and I headed to his bedroom to get him dressed for the day. 

As we walked into KJ's bedroom, I picked up some of his folded laundry to put away.  I went to his dresser and began putting away his underwear and socks as he took off his jammies.  I turned around to ask KJ what he wanted to wear today.  KJ was standing there, in his super cool blue Cars underwear.  Underwear that was identical to a pair I had *just* put in his drawer.  Which would be awesome, except KJ doesn't have two pairs. 

Me: "Um, KJ, where'd you get that underwear?"
KJ: "What?"
Me: (calling to Husband): "What underwear did you put KJ in yesterday?"
Husband: "What?  I don't know.  Whatever you put him in after his bath the night before."
Me: "KJ, did you wear monkey underwear to school yesterday?:
KJ: No answer
Me: "Did you have water day at school yesterday?" (Water day involves the kids wearing swimsuits)
KJ:  "Yes."
Me: "Who got you dressed after water day?"
KJ: "We got ourselves dressed."

And with that, I knew what had happened.  Think what you will, but there isn't much privacy at daycare.  I'm pretty sure the kids all get changed in a giant group after water day.  Which means that clothes were probably everywhere.  KJ probably saw this underwear that looked like his underwear (and also, which were cooler than the underwear he had to wear) and put it on without a second thought.  I'm not sure why the kid whose Cars underwear was swapped for monkey underwear didn't speak up, but however you cut it, two kids came home wearing the wrong undergarments. 

I threw the impostor underwear into the wash this morning, and tomorrow, Husband will be faced with the task of locating the pair's rightful owners.  I guess that's one of the benefits of never doing drop off or pick -up: I also never have to worry that an email chain I wrote attempting to locate my son's underwear will become subject to production in litigation.  I'm actually not optimistic that we'll find the Cars underwear's rightful owner.  And I'm pretty sure we'll never see our monkey underwear again.  But I hope that the other kid's mom got a good laugh last night when she changed her child only to discover him wearing underwear she's never seen before.  These boys certainly keep us on our toes!


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