Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where’s Jean Anne? (Similar to Where’s Waldo, but not as catchy!)

Well readers, I would like to say that I was away on this relaxing, fun Christmas vacation, enjoying the sunshine and sounds of the ocean while drinking a fruity concoction and watching my hubby chase our kids on the beach. Unfortunately, that is not the case.
In addition to the normal holiday stress, I traveled to my in-laws in Wisconsin, pulled a muscle in my back while sledding (insert laugh from my cousins and aunt here), and got the flu while at Fun City (not so fun).

Now I shouldn’t complain – I realize that I was very lucky to spend time with my family, but I really wanted a relaxing vacation! Work has been extremely busy (and continues to be) and the holiday travel always adds extra stress.

So I ask my fellow readers, are the holidays fun or stressful? And, as mommies, are we stuck with more of the load around this time of year? I must be fair and admit that my hubby did an amazing job stuffing, addressing, and stamping the Christmas cards this year. And he does like to wrap presents. However, the shopping, comparing, deciding what to get everyone, and making sure not to forget anyone was left to me. I think if it were left up to him, the kids would be the only ones getting gifts (well, the kids and him!!).

Where did my holiday spirit go? I used to love Christmas – picking out the perfect gifts, getting Christmas cards from friends from all over the country, and just sitting in my living room with a hot cup of cocoa and watching my decorated tree.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE watching my girls’ faces light up when they see what Santa has brought (although, I was informed that we do not have a chimney for Santa and that this must be corrected!). And the excitement the night before, putting out reindeer food and cookies for Santa just makes me feel young again. No thank you card can top that look of pure joy on Christmas morning.

But this year, while sitting in my car on the way to another store, I lost that spirit. I just couldn’t find “the” gift for family members. And I want to find that “it” gift for everyone; something that brings that smile to both my friend or family member’s eyes and face.

And before my mother-in-law calls and lectures me on the “true meaning” of the season, I am not saying that Christmas is all about presents, Santa, cards, etc. But I do think it is about that special, warm feeling you get when spending time with family and friends. And this year, I missed that.

So what does this mean? More resolutions for next blog…

Thanks for letting me vent. And I hope that everyone had a wonderful, relaxing holiday season (and a couple of fruity concoctions!).
Jean Anne

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