Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Year of the Mommy

After last week's post about resolutions, I finally decided to take charge this weekend.  And it happened in the most basic of settings...

On Sunday, we were on our way to lunch (and before you ask, yes, we eat out for lunch on the weekends.  It helps kick our day into high gear before we run the normal errands.)  We were in the van headed out, when A complained that she didn't want to go to Culver's for lunch.  She wanted to go to the KFC/Taco Bell for popcorn chicken and mac n' cheese.  And B backed her up by agreeing.  (This is shocking, as normally A and B can not agree on where they want to go for lunch.) 

Normally, in this situation, I would cave.  I mean, I really don't care where we go for lunch.  And I am typically thinking about what we need to do after lunch, if lunch is going to cost us a fortune, and can we find something remotely healthy to eat at lunch?  Plus, is it really worth getting into an argument/discussion with my 4 1/2 year olds over? 

But on Sunday, something just clicked.  I didn't want to go to KFC/Taco Bell.  And I politely said, "No, we are going to Culver's."  Of course, A started getting upset, but I stayed calm and basically said that if she didn't want lunch at Culver's, she could sit in the van."  Normally, this is an empty threat, but she must have recognized something had changed in my voice, because she asked "why Mommy?"  And I responded "because this is the Year of the Mommy."  And it felt good!!!  To top it off - A and B seemed ok with it as well.

And it has continued!  On Monday when my hubby asked what I wanted to do with my afternoon, I told him my plans.  And when he questioned some items, I said "because it is the Year of the Mommy and I deserve some time for me and my errands."  And he just looked at me and nodded!  Wow! 

So, hopefully, I can keep up with my resolution to make this the Year of the Mommy!  After all, I think all Mommies deserve it! 

Jean Anne

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