Friday, January 21, 2011

Holiday (that’s right – sing it like Madonna)

I was informed less than 2 weeks after New Year’s that I would be hosting Easter at my house. I believe the conversation between my hubby and my mother-in-law went something like:

MIL: “So, we’ll be at your house for Easter.”

Hubby: “What?” (or ahmmmm if he wasn’t really listening)

MIL: “Well, we were in Rockford at your sister’s last year, so unless you want to drive to Wisconsin…”

Hubby: “Okayyyyy.”

You might already have guessed, but I am not the best party planner in the world. Plus, I am not a good cook. So, in addition to doing a full deep clean of the house, finding space for everyone to sleep and praying that I keep my big mouth shut, I have to plan a full weekend of activities and meals. And they have to be healthy meals to boot (not pizza or Chinese from Hy-vee).

Complete honesty here - despite my lack of cooking and party planning skills mentioned above, I love having people over. A & B’s birthday party is one of my favorite times. But, it is very laid back and relaxed. We either grill out or have sandwiches from Hy-vee, my mom makes potato salad and/or pasta salad and we have cake. Decorations are very girly and fun, and we normally have a bounce house in the backyard. Pretty much, it is just one big, chillaxing (yes, I am hip) get together.

I, however, am not so hip to have things thrust upon me. But, in keeping up with the Year of the Mommy, or possibly how Frank Sinatra would say, “I’m doing it my way” this time. That means that there will be lots of fattening foods served (including Spaghetti-os if A & B desire), a dusty house, and my whole family is invited! And if that means family drama, then so be it!

I just hope to keep up this confident attitude! And really, who schedules Easter plans right after Christmas? All I could think of at that time was, when am I going to have time to do all of this laundry?

So, any suggestions for a holiday get together? And how do you survive the holiday stress?

Happy Friday!

Jean Anne

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