Monday, January 16, 2012

The worst kind of Monday....

Ahh…Monday. The day of the week all of us dread. The day everyone talks about. I mean think about it there are probably more songs about Monday than any other day of the week. (Although perhaps Katy Perry has changed that and pulled Friday in the lead, However, I'm from the Bangles "Manic Monday" generation, so I guess if it wasn't released on a cassette tape, then it doesn't count in my book). But I digress (no this will not be a blog about the how superior 80's music was I promise)....

Monday is the day everyone loves to complain about. I can't even count the number of Facebook postings that state the infamous “I have a case of the Mondays” quote. I have yet to meet one person who actually likes Monday, well except for that one person we all know who lives to be different and so specifically loves to publish that Monday is her favorite day just so everyone can look at her funny.

And so in true form, allow me to present yet another complaint about Mondays.

I have discovered Mondays have become particularly harder to deal with now that I am a working Mom. You think crawling out of bed on Monday is hard?? Try waking up a Diva 5 year old to get her ready for school! No matter how many times I do it, shedding my "Mommy robe" and replacing it with my "Attorney robe" is always hard.

Monday for me is really a day to get myself back in the swing of things again. It’s the day where I'm reminded that although I stayed home for 2 days, I am actually a working Mommy. It's actually made me appreciate the true feeling that Cinderella had when that damn clock struck 12 and her gown disappeared into shreds. It's the reality check, no one wants.  After two days of being able to accomplish to-do lists, its hard when I come back Monday and realize that the to-do list I thought was complete multiplied faster than a team of Gremlins dipped in a swimming pool (oh sorry another 80's reference, but please there is always room for a Gremlins reference).

Mondays are bad enough, but then every now and then you have a Monday like today. The type of Mondays I hate most of all…..the.....wait for it....(cue the Jaws music)....  The “national holiday, school is out, no one is working, well except you” Monday.  The worst type of Monday in the world of a working Mom.

These are the Mondays you loved as a kid, but hate as an adult when you realize that "National Holiday", is not code for "everyone is going to have the day off". It’s the Monday you hear about for weeks…whether its from the stay-at-home Moms at dance class “Oh what are you and the kids doing on your day off in a few weeks” or the department store ads reminding you that while you are headed to work you could be heading to their store for a quadruple coupon on bedding that brings the down comforter you’ve been dying for down to like $1.12. Sometimes I see those commercials and almost see in the fine print: “NOTICE: This super amazing once in a lifetime holiday deal applies to all U.S. Residents with the exception on Mandi as SHE has to WORK”.

So, yes here we are again on another holiday Monday. And in true form this one did not disappoint. I woke up this morning, my daughter running in to make sure she had the day right “Momma, it’s my day off right? Martin Luther King Day right??”. I rolled out of bed and started to get dressed. As I curled my hair my four year old sprinted into my room. He flung open the bathroom door and looked at me puzzled: “Momma, why you getting dressed? Day off today!” 2 minutes later my husband walked into the room and flung himself down on my bed… of course I knew with my husband what was coming next. “Oh, YOU ARE going to work?? I get to stay home tonight!” (Spoken of course in his classic "Na na na na, Boo Boo tone".  This of course was followed by a pillow being thrown at his head. Even my baby turned on me, as when I came down stairs L sat lazily in his jammies eating his Apple Jacks and watching TV. He gave a yawn and a smile and call me crazy but I swear I could hear Bruno Mars “Lazy Song” in the background.

But alas, I left my family and headed into work. As I sat down to start one of the two appeal briefs I have to get done this week, my husband called to tell me they were headed to Monkey Joes! Gee, rub some alcohol on the wound buddy!!

And oh it got better as I knew what email would be coming next...wait for it, wait for it, ah, here it came at 9:35 a.m. "Are you sure you don't want to call it day and meet us at Monkey Joe's".  Yes because in the world of the husband, appeal briefs, and medical records magically are completed just as fast as dishes and bathroom floors.  Oh husbands, you've got to love them....but perhaps just not as much on holiday Mondays. (Said of course in my joking, no wait am I really joking, tone that my husband absolutely loves!)

Ah well, working holidays are just another in a long line of “This is really cool, unless you are a working Mom” type of thing.  So, I’ll suck it up, stop invading your Monday with pointless 80's references, and stop complaining. But to all you fellow working Mommies who are sitting at your desks while your kids are enjoying a day off, just know I feel your pain. And bonus points for you who have endure cell phone pictures of your kids having a great day…I anticipate those will be hitting my inbox at around 10:32 a.m.


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