Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's 2012?

What happened to 2011? Actually, what happened to my Christmas vacation? Let’s see…I remember my cousin’s beautiful wedding on December 17th (awesome family time!), then finishing up my Christmas shopping on the 23rd, followed by making Christmas cookies, church and Jolly Holiday Lights on Christmas Eve. Then…everything is a blur.

If this were my DVR, it would be the fast forward (typically through the commercials) part. Yes, I do remember A & B opening gifts from Santa, finding Eugene the Elf and giving fun gifts to family and friends. But, honestly, I don’t remember an actual time of just relaxing. With one BIG Exception!!

The hubby, A & B and I were able to get together with my BFF and her family in Dubuque on the 28th. And it was absolutely fabulous! This was perhaps the only day of vacation where it felt like vacation – no set times to be somewhere, no special food (with the exception of ice cream and pizza) and just happy kids and adults. We were able to laugh about our stressful holidays, drink a few bottles of wine and even show the kids the YMCA!

As I sat down with the hubby on New Year’s Eve, after the kids had gone to sleep, we talked about the holidays, both good and bad. What we couldn’t figure out was how vacation could go so fast and why didn’t we spend more time with those that made us happy and relaxed?

I understand Christmas/holiday season is always a little stressful, now more so with kids, traveling, growing families, etc. But it shouldn’t be filled with so much drama that it becomes something you dread. Prior to this year, I only had one simple rule – that A & B woke up in their own home to receive Santa’s gifts (basically this is how Scott and I grew up). Other than that, I have been blessed with great traveling children, so game on to the long car ride and seeing everyone.  

But after this year, I have to wonder, is it worth it? I try to keep a drama-free life (note, I said TRY). And I attempt to surround my kids with family who truly love them. But some days, I wonder if the holiday stress is too much for them. And maybe Santa could visit them on a tropical island for Christmas? 

So welcome 2012 – as always I am a little late. Is it too early to start planning my next vacation?

Jean Anne

P.S. Sorry for the rambling. Still trying to clean up Christmas…

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