Friday, January 20, 2012

Date Night

We are in our 3rd week of January and the hubby and I have actually had 2 date nights already, with a 3rd one coming up next weekend! This pretty much equals all of our date nights for 2011, so, needless to say, are ecstatic!

But while this is a great boost to our communication and making our marriage better, we are not sure what to do on a date night anymore. Dinner out is standard – with usually a run to Target or Kohl’s as the cap to the night. (Yes, Target because sometimes it is just nice to not have to go through the Barbie aisle). And a movie is an option, but some of the movies out just aren’t that great. Bowling? Ice skating? Golfing (when weather permits)?

As I was sitting down to write this post, my co-worker mentioned that they had a party bus rented for the night and he was excited because his friends were getting a babysitter. Sounded like fun, I said. And then I thought, when was the last time hubby and I went out with friends?

When did going out with friends become so complicated? I would love to go out with friends, as a “double date” perhaps. (Let’s not mention a ladies’ night, because given current geographic locations is a little difficult.) Oh yes, I remember now…

1. Have to find a weekend we have free (currently a little easier, but we are still busy)

2. Have to find someone to watch A & B
a. Check with Grandma and Grandpa – if no, option B
b. Check with person who watches A & B after school – if no, option C
c. Check with old babysitters

3. Have to check with friends for free weekend
a. This becomes an issue especially if friends have kids because they will have the same issues as #1 and #2

4. Find something to do other than dinner

Whew…and this becomes even more difficult if this is someone only the hubby knows or vice versa. Plus, if you include travel with it…HA! And there is always the possibility of bad weather or a sick kid!

So any ideas out there? Do you have a standing “friend night”? If yes, what activities do you do?

Thanks for the ideas! Have a great weekend!

Jean Anne


  1. A nice long walk. Conversation. Work out together. Enjoy being home without the kids. Attend to Jetta. Botanical gardens. Cook a dinner together that need not be rushed. A play. Downtown Ames or other nearby town to explore.

  2. A community center class you might both be interested in.