Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012: Year of What?

As you may recall, I decided that 2011 would be Year of the Mommy. Well, 2011 has come and gone. Welcome 2012 – year of the ??? Is it another Year of the Mommy (and some would make the argument, every year should be!)?

This question has been occupying my thoughts for a while, as well as the “what are your New Year’s resolutions?” question. Is it possible both of these go hand-in-hand? Shouldn’t my resolutions focus on what I want my year to be like?

Truthfully (sadly, perhaps), I don’t have a lot of resolutions this year. I am pretty content AND thankful for what I have. Yes, there are things I need to work on, but on the whole, things are pretty good. What should I focus on in the next year?

1. Cooking better family meals. I know this sounds simple, however, I am a lazy (and most of the time) boring cook. Even my girls are tired of frozen pizza! So I need to do a little research on new family meals (and try to sneak in some veggies in the process!)

2. Making sure I continue to work on my marriage. Some wise person told me to just keep talking until I made sure my feelings were heard and understood. This has helped immensely both in the communication between the hubby and I, and in my self-esteem.

3. Enjoying time with my family. Between laundry, errands and practices, sometimes I get so frustrated when A & B act out in Target or don’t understand why Mommy can’t watch them dance for the millionth time while I have to fold the laundry. But I need to remember that the laundry can wait – A & B growing up won’t.

4. Spending time with my family. Yes – this is similar to #3, but I am expanding it to include my true, much bigger family than just the hubby and kids. These are the people who will drive out of their way for A & B’s birthday party or talk to me on the phone for over an hour just to check on me. Family makes everything better – especially if it includes ice cream and dancing!

5. Me. This sounds simple, but as moms, most of tend to take care of everyone else before ourselves. So I need to keep working out, eating better, taking time for a “me” day (or hour), and splurging on some new shoes every once and a while.

I am not sure what this list makes it the Year of…Maybe it’s just 2012. And it’s going to be a great one! 

Have a wonderful Year of Whatever!

Jean Anne
P.S. Jimmy Choo store – I am coming to visit in February. Please have a sale!

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