Thursday, August 11, 2011

Technical Difficulties

You maybe be wondering why this posting is so late...well let's just say I had a few technical glitches.  Last night, no wireless at home.  No problem, I can just do it tomorrow (aka Thursday).  Except, still no computer at work (yep, day 4 still no computer).  So here it goes...seems a little anti-climatic.

On Monday, I started my new job.  So far, with the exception of the computer snafu, so good.  I like the new team I will be working with, having a gym at work is great, my stress level has greatly decreased, and I think I can make an immediate impact.  And while I miss my wonderful team and the Best Boss Ever, I haven't felt that gnawing in my stomach about making a wrong decision.

However, I am a little nervous about one thing - making new friends at work.  And yes, I wasn't kidding when I posted on Facebook earlier this week about having the Fab Four walking me to work!  Truly, I am not bragging about myself, but I do think I am pretty friendly, nice and (as a co-worker once told me) I could "make chat with a houseplant."  So why worry, you ask?  Because my team is extremely small, with only 2 people in my office (both male).  And we are somewhat isolated from the rest of the company (which is great for getting work done, but not so much for socializing).  As for going to the gym, well, it's hard to make chat when you are huffing and puffing on the treadmill! 

But, as I was huffing and puffing today (because my 5K is coming up quickly!), I wondered if this is what A & B feel like going into kindergarten.  They are pretty outgoing, are nice to everyone and just want to make friends.  But it will be a totally new situation for them, with bigger kids and new challenges.  Will they have the courage to go up to someone and say "hi"?  And what if someone is mean to them?

Maybe this was good timing to start my new more ways than one :)

Have a great night!
Jean Anne

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