Friday, August 26, 2011

I Survived!

Yes, this week A & B started kindergarten. What an experience! School supplies went to Miss E’s class last Thursday for Open House, backpacks with matching lunch bag (aka snack bag), were packed and clothes for the 1st day of school were chosen. And I faced these challenges all on my own!

Call it poor timing or a bad coincidence, but my hubby had to be in Minneapolis for work this week. He travels twice a year (once to AZ in January, once to MN in August) and it just so happened that his conference was scheduled for A & B’s first day of school. He (and I) were broken hearted. (But don’t worry – plenty of pictures were taken!) Plus, my normal back-ups/life savers – aka Grandma and Grandpa – decided to take vacation this week too!

So on Tuesday morning, off we went to kindergarten in the Mom mobile - A & B all dressed up with the Ariel and Hello Kitty backpacks and snack bags and Mommy with her camera and a heavy heart. They walked right in to their class, sat at their tables and began working on the coloring pages Miss E had already laid out (she is a GREAT teacher!). And there I was, “bothering” them by snapping pictures.

In all honesty, part of me was very proud of them for their independence, but the other part of me wanted them to cling to me a little/need me a little more. When A asked me for a favor, I thought – YES! But all she wanted me to do was hang up her snack bag before I left.

I do realize that I am very lucky to have such independent and easy going girls. And, so far, they love school! So I am counting my blessings that this continues.

But as Darius Rucker sings in It Won’t Be Like This For Long, “someday soon that little girl is gonna be all grown up and gone.” I would like to hold on for a little longer. (And yes, I did cry at this song and many others this week!).

I hope everyone’s school week was this easy!

Jean Anne

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