Thursday, August 18, 2011

Open House

Tonight, we head to kindergarten open house for A & B. This is our chance to ask questions, meet their teacher, bring school supplies, and generally provide A & B a chance to check out the “lay of the land” before they start next Tuesday.

To be perfectly honest, I think I am definitely less prepared then the girls are. We have all the school supplies (thank you Target and my credit card thanks you as well) and our Ariel and Hello Kitty backpacks are totally stylin’. Plus, we have driven by multiple times, stopped at the playground and even had softball practice at the school. Each time, we prep A & B for the change, explaining that as of next week, this will be there new school. And, to their credit, they are excited.

I, however, am nervous. As Mandi discussed earlier this week, I share many similar concerns. What if some kid bullies them? What if some one doesn’t want to share with them? What about cliques? What about getting teased for what they are wearing? And yes, I know that these things will happen…but it just breaks my heart. And how do I prepare them for this?

Right now, A & B have no fear of making new friends or going to a new school. As a comfort, they do have each other and they are in the same class. So I need to continue to follow their lead and put on a brave face. My girls definitely have a lot to teach me about the world.

Have a great day!

Jean Anne

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