Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rock Star Moms

Top Ten Ways Being  a Mom Is Like Being a Rock Star:

10. Lots of late nights. Rock stars are known for late night gigs. Babies aren't known for sleeping either.

9. Interesting wardrobe choices. Rock stars dress to make a statement. Moms dress in things they hope are still clean. 

8. People throw stuff at you. Rock stars dodge undergarments and flowers.  Moms dodge matchbox cars and Barbie shoes.

7. You suffer from exhaustion.  The only difference here is that rock stars have the luxury of being hospitalized for it.

6.  Unbeatable Compensation.  Rock stars make millions.  Moms get paid in sticky hugs and "I love yous."

5. You're always on a diet. Rock stars diet to stay "Hollywood" thin. Moms "diet" because between cutting one kid's chicken and catching the other kid's milk, there's no time for mom to actually eat.

4. You're peppered by the paparazzi. Rock stars dodge questions from reporters about drugs and dates. Moms are pestered by well meaning strangers suggesting your child is too old for a pacifier or should not be eating a cookie so close to dinner time.

3. Sometimes, you have an off night.  Whether you are a rock star or a mom, the show must go on.  So after a particularly bad night, you have no choice but to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and vow to do better tomorrow. 

2. You travel. Rock stars travel around the world in their private jets. Moms travel from school to soccer to band practice all in the comfort of their mini vans.

1. Adoring fans.

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