Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm Getting Old?

The other morning I stood in front of the mirror in my usual morning rush. A couple swipes of mascara, a couple turns with the curling iron. As I stood there looking at myself I had a big question come across my mind..."Am I getting OLD???

When I turned 30, I just batted my eyes, without the normal fear of the year that most women have. But lately…I feel, well, older. Strangely though it has nothing do with finding a wrinkle on my face, and I have yet (knock on wood) to find a gray hair. I’m just noticing more and more that I feel older. Now, I’m not saying at 32 I am an old woman (contrary to my 29 year old husband's constant teasing), but I guess I'm finally hearing that voice inside me that says “Psst…hey Mandi…not sure how to break it to you...but you aren't as young as you used to be". Of course my inner voice would never call me old!  

So could it be true?? Could I actually be getting old?? Well, I’m a lawyer, so let’s look at the evidence. 

Your Honor we offer to admit into evidence the 32 reasons that Mandi feels old at age 32....

1. I don’t even bother with lipstick anymore because it just wears off in 5 minutes.

2. I actually enjoy doing yard work.

3. I can’t sit and watch tv as long as I used to.

4. I dye my hair brown instead of my normal highlighted bright blonde.

5. For some strange reason, I can't eat eggs anymore.

6. I don’t remember the last time I was “carded”.

7. The size of the purse is more important to me than the label.

8. I vacuum more than once a week.

9. First thing I do when I get in my husband’s car is turn the volume of the radio down.

10. When I cleaned out my medicine cabinet, I threw away the pre-natal vitamins and kept the fish oil pills.

11. I actually watch the 10:00 news.

12. My closet has enough cardigan sweaters to make Mr. Rogers proud.

13. I was actually excited when my husband bought me a Snuggie for Christmas.

14. I can relate to about 95% of country music songs.

15. I call my husband “Daddy” more than “Babe” or “Honey”.

16. I pray to thank God for the blessings in my life not to ask Him for something.

17. My proudest accomplishment this year was finally mastering meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

18. I used to HATE mustard...now I add Dijon Mustard to everything.

19. I find myself saying something my Mom says at least twice a day.

20. I dust the back of my TV.

21. I used to love bright bold colors…now my house is full of earth tones.

22. When I watch a classic movie with a love triangle, I root for the opposite one I used to. For example, I watched My Best Friend’s wedding the other day. I used to hate the end of that movie because he didn’t pick Julia Roberts. Now I think it was the perfect ending.

23. I can actually appreciate a good glass of wine.

24. I watch the History Channel more than E!

25. It doesn’t bother me to be called “Ma’am”.

26. I realize more and more that my father was right.

27. I worry about what time we get to a restaurant as I am determined to beat the crowd.

28. I use the name Amanda more often than Mandi.

29. I chose a body wash over my favorite because it said “Anti-Aging” on the label

30. I check for fiber grams on boxes of cereal.

31. I actually know how much is in my 401K.

32. The majority of pictures I show my kids of me when I was younger are yellowed.

Okay, so the evidence is highly stacked in favor of a "Yeah, you're old" verdict. But you know what? That's okay.  Luckily I have 3 balls of energy to keep me young for many years to come... and if they don't work, well at least I have the Fish Oil pills!


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