Monday, April 25, 2011

And The Top Ten Things I Learned from Easter 2011 Are…

1. Seven additional people in my house (including a 1 year old) are just too many.
2. Everyone’s Easter basket should have at least a little chocolate in it

3. Hiding and finding Easter eggs is fun for both kids and adults

4. I can cook – I just need a bigger oven and don’t expect all the hot side dishes to all be ready at the same time

5. After giving up my bed to my hubby’s grandpa, I realized A & B need new mattresses!

6. Thank goodness I did not have any more children. A & B are not quiet during nap time/early bedtimes.

7. My hubby has perfected my strategy of finding all sorts of random tasks to complete when his family arrives.

8. Sometimes all someone wants you to do is listen

9. I miss my grandparents.

And the #10 thing I learned from Easter is (drum roll please)

10. My family (and you know who you are) is amazing!

Well, as you can tell from this post, I survived the weekend. And I did it mostly on my terms! Now maybe, I did a little more smiling and nodding than I wanted to, or I made my mom run to Hy-vee at the last minute to get a cake in case my apple pie didn’t turn out, but for the most part, it turned out ok. And someday I will perfect getting everything ready to serve at the same time (and the hot dishes will still be hot!). But at least I didn’t have to run to Hy-vee for Chinese dinner for 10!

Additionally, (and maybe this should be #11), I am a better person. While I have been named Susie Sunshine at work, I do truly believe that a positive attitude makes a world of difference. And I don’t need to get involved in the negative drama, even when it is going on at my house.

I hope the Easter Bunny brought you a great Easter basket!

Jean Anne

P.S. And just to top it off, I started running today for my 5K in October.

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