Monday, April 4, 2011

Love of Learning

My girls love to try new things. Well, let me clarify; they love to try new activities. (Trying new foods is not top of their list of things to do!). This summer we have added soccer to the mix and a trip to the beach! 

Additionally (and luckily), most museums currently have highly interactive demonstrations or displays. A & B love to test out new gadgets, games and building crafts. And any place with animals is sure to be a winner (even the reptile house!).

I want to continue this love of learning and/or experimentation. When I was much younger, my family would travel to all kinds of museums, historical sites and new places. I loved seeing the USS North Carolina or petting a porcupine (front to back). And I am currently hooked on watching the Decorah eagles.

But what about activities that don’t enthrall them? Keeping the attention span of a 4 year old can be very difficult. How do I keep them involved? Especially, if it something I know they will like after a few minutes.

And because I always try to offer full disclosure, how do I keep myself enthralled? I have to take certain educational classes every year for work that I just have no desire to complete. How can I set a good example for my kids, if I have the same issues?

Thanks for your thoughts! Have a great Monday!

Jean Anne

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