Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just Not That Cool

After 2 fantastic posts by Mandi and Karen, I am not sure how I can post anything more exciting! Although, I did just buy fish oil pills last night at the grocery store and made sure to put on my anti-aging skin cream this morning!!

Multiple times on this blog, we have discussed clothing for working mommies. From what is appropriate to wear at work to staying fashionable, and throwing in the number of cardigans in my closet (8), sometimes I just don’t know what to think. Plus, factoring in my baby weight of 4+ years and a wardrobe budget that gets spent on A & B, you have one stuck mommy!

I recently went all out at the church garage sale and outlet mall – yep - still Year of the Mommy! I’d like to say that I went wild and crazy, but, at least I replaced the 3 pairs of shoes and boots that had holes in them or were severely lacking soles! I, however, did splurge and purchase a Coach purse for $40!! Woo-hoo!!

(For full disclosure, the new purchases will not be featured on the covers of Vogue or In-style magazines anytime soon. I purchased a pair of comfy loafers, slip on black flats and short brown boots, all of which will get years of use, but don’t resonant with the fashionable crowd.)

In addition to the recent shopping spree, I also had a $15 coupon for Sports Authority. In working towards my goal of running a 5K this October, I planned to use the “free money” to purchase another pair of running shoes I could store at work. But then I saw North Face jackets on sale.

Lately, that is all I see around town. Everyone seems to have a black North Face jacket, especially those put-together moms who are thin, smiling and have well-behaved children in their shiny SUV. It has become a running joke between my hubby and I that I need a North Face jacket.  And secretly, I have always wanted to be a cool mom.  I don't want my kids to be embarrassed of me. 

Now, truly, do I need a North Face jacket? No! I have a great Columbia jacket, multiple fleece pullovers and cute spring jackets. Plus, you throw in my hubby’s Abercrombie and Fitch gray fleece pullover and I am set!

So there I am, in the middle of Sports Authority, with 2 bored and crazy children, digging through the sale racks with my hubby looking for my size. And I find an olive green one for $40 ($25 with the coupon). Great, I think – what a bargain.

I quickly head to the shoe section, already knowing what size and style I want (thank goodness New Balance makes wide widths!), praying that my kids don’t break anything. And as I sit there with my $40 North Face jacket and my $40 shoes, all of a sudden it hits me – I don’t need this jacket. I love my Columbia jacket!

I promptly round up everyone and head out for ice cream. I may not be the coolest looking mom, but I can be the best mommy to A & B. And hopefully, that is good enough for now.
And to those of you with North Face jackets, can I borrow it sometime? I am totally jealous!!

Jean Anne

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