Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

This week’s post is slightly selfish. See, this week is BUSY! And yes, as working moms, most weeks are busy. But this one seems especially, well, busy!

Monday: Work, daycare, laundry, dinner, clean up guest room for Easter guests

Tuesday: Work, daycare, laundry, A & B softball practice, tickets to Rock of Ages at the Civic Center (which I have been waiting for ever since the show was announced in October!)

Wednesday: Work, daycare, laundry, dance class for A & B, grocery store run for Easter weekend, continue cleaning up house

Thursday: Work, daycare, soccer practice for A & B, tickets to Sawyer Brown (did not realize when I purchased tickets it was the same week as Rock of Ages)

Friday: Work, daycare and Easter guests here!!

Wow – what a week! We have been so busy getting ready for Easter (and finishing up our dance season with Spring shows on Saturday and Sunday last weekend) that we have barely had time to breathe! Plus, Easter guests…well….since it is my hubby’s family…’nuff said!

Additionally, I feel guilty that I have been “neglecting” my happiness for 2 (yes, 2!) date nights. It has been so long since my hubby and I have had a date night, and yet, at this point I am just ready to take a nap! And getting dressed up for a night out – HA!

So, please excuse me for this short post. Next week, I’ll be sure to fill you in on all of the Easter extravaganza (well, as long as I have not been driven crazy!!).

Happy Easter everyone!! I hope you find lots of chocolate filled Easter eggs! (Oh shoot, that reminds me I need to add chocolate to my grocery list!)

Jean Anne

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