Friday, October 29, 2010

What to Bring?

Ok, this week has been (and will continue to be) treat heaven for A & B. It started last Friday night with Night Eyes at Blank Park Zoo, followed up last night by Trick or Treat night for the Altoona businesses. And Saturday brings Beggar’s Night (which is the Iowa term for trick or treating – hosted the night before Halloween. Yes, I am from Illinois and I am still confused by this!) We had debated on going to Family Halloween at Living History Farms tonight, but the weather and wind is giving us a solid “no.”
But the most concerning issue for this mommy is the Halloween party at daycare. Of course, this means bringing treats. The sign-up sheet went up about 2 weeks ago and I have been pondering what to bring ever since. Who knew so many questions could arise from this simple request? I mean, I am faced with more difficult decisions at work every day, and yet what to bring stumps me? But this simple request makes me wonder:

1. What is every other mommy going to bring?

2. Should I bring something healthy?

3. Or should I bring yummy Snickers?

4. Do I need to avoid peanuts (or any other possible allergy)?

5. How many kids am I supposed to bring for?

6. Would juice boxes be considered a “treat”?

7. Could someone put a reminder on my Outlook calendar for this?

8. What input can A & B give me? (by the way, their ideas were already taken!)

9. Maybe Grandma can make something?

10. I wonder if my Aunt Karen can ship out some of her yummy lemon squares?

11. Maybe I should make something?

So question 11 should make you laugh! First, I am definitely not a fantastic cook. Second, I do not have time on Thursday night to bake up a fresh batch of anything AND make it look cute. Especially when my in-laws are arriving on Friday (and that will probably be a post for next week!).

So in the end, I did what most other working mommies do; I headed to Hy-vee. With A & B’s help, this mommy will be supplying Kool-Aid Jammers (aka juice boxes) and cookies for the party. And I was just happy to have something A & B were excited to bring for their friends. Maybe next time A & B can help me make some treats…

Now, back to simpler questions relating to legal documentation and process flows.

Happy Halloween!

Jean Anne

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