Monday, October 4, 2010


Hello Fall! Welcome chilly mornings and fresh apple cider! Welcome back sweat pants and fleece pullovers. Let’s grab the football and head outdoors for a quick game and s’mores.

I love the fall! Nothing beats a chilly Friday night at a small town football game, pork chop sandwich at Scenic Drive, or tailgating! To kick off this wonderful season, I headed downstairs this weekend and broke into the “holiday decorations” closet. Yes, I have a whole (kind of) large closet dedicated to holiday decorations. (And if I had my way, the “hunting” closet would be converted to one as well.) Mainly the decorations have a Christmas theme, but my Halloween and Thanksgiving tubs are increasing.

As I was pulling out the window clings and pumpkin lights, the girls noticed their bright orange trick or treat pumpkins. Oh my! We have already started to “practice” trick or treating! Not surprisingly, Grandpa is a willing treat provider. And B will definitely let you know that she likes chocolate, specifically Hersheys!

I love experiencing the holidays with my kids. It is so fun to see their smiles, hear their laughter and steal their candy (HA!). And they have had their costumes planned out for 6 months – yes – 6 months!! So how could I deny them, when they “asked” Mommy and Daddy to dress up too? Yep, coming towards the end of the month – the Scooby Doo gang will be solving mysteries again. Zoinks!

• A is Daphne (because she “really likes the purple dress”)

• B is Velma (because “she is the other girl and always has the clues”)

• Daddy is Fred (because “he is a boy and tall”)

• Jetta is Scooby (because “Jetta is a dog and Scooby is a dog” I swear I heard B mutter “duh Mom)

• Which leaves Mommy as Shaggy (best for last?)

We were very lucky to locate a “reasonably priced” Daphne costume for girls at Target and the matching Velma costume online. Whew! Also, we located an orange ascot/scrap of material at the fabric store for Fred (now for the blond wig!). And I think a green shirt for Shaggy has been found in my t-shirt drawer 

As we searching for costumes, has anyone noticed how scary/bloody/terrifying some of the costumes and decorations have become? I was probably really naïve, but I didn’t think I would need to explain a bloody skull to my 4 year old. And yes, I am a scaredy cat, but a moving Michael Myers? The hubby and I tried our best to explain the scary stuff, but you could tell it upset the girls. Has any other mom/parent dealt with this? How did you explain it?

And don’t even get me started on the female adult costumes…Jinkies!

Jean Anne

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  1. You'll make an awesome Shaggy. I always love the rationales of the girls!