Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Guest Blog from JD Mom Christine!

Hi, everyone. My name is Christine. I have a small general practice in Guthrie County, Iowa, am married and have two kids, a boy and a girl. I went to law school with both Mandi and Jean and have been following JD Moms since the blog started. I love it and am thrilled that they asked me to be a guest blogger. I hope I have something interesting to say…

This year my husband and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. Well, I don’t think you can actually call it “celebrated” as he forgot and I just got him a card allowing him to be the “boss” for the day! In our defense, this is the first year we’ve both blown it off, but October has a different focus for us: my son’s birthday is on Oct. 30th and my daughter’s birthday is on November 1 – we look to the end of the month now, not the beginning!

This October 30, my son will be 8. I still remember decorating his nursery, three houses ago. I was a third year student in law school when he was born, so I knew before my official career as an attorney started that I wanted to focus on my family and not becoming partner after five years. My son took his first steps when I was in Iowa City taking the Bar exam. I bawled when my husband told me. I tried to do the 150 billable hours thing while raising my very young family (my daughter was born my first year as a new associate) and it just didn’t work. I realized that I didn’t become an attorney for the money or the prestige but because I loved the law. I also realized that I did not want my family to suffer because of my job demands.

Luckily I found a job that would allow me to do both successfully – for the most part, and I appreciate every day that I can drive my kids to school (if they’ll let me) and take off a little early for soccer games, field trips, whatever I need. I also appreciate being able to escape the craziness of the house by going to work each day! It’s all about balance and about having it all – just not all at once!


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