Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

Here we are, 12 days before Christmas.  It seems like December has gone so fast.  I really wanted to enjoy the holiday season this year so I did most of my present buying early, hoping that I could coast through December, just enjoying special moments with the kids.  And my plan has kind of worked.  I took Sweet Pea and her cousin to see Pinkalicious last weekend.  And this weekend Sweet Pea and I are going to see the Nutcracker.  While we are watching ballet, Husband and KJ are going to skate with Santa.  All in all, we've done a lot of special things, so that seems to be working out pretty well. 

 Except, I still have a bunch of "little" things to do.  You know, like assemble Sweet Pea's doll house.  Well, that's actually Husband's job, but you get my drift.  We really haven't had much opportunity to focus on things like that - things that didn't have to be done immediately, but are quickly becoming things we can no longer put off.  We've been busy going from daycare Christmas event to work Christmas event to charity Christmas event to family Christmas event.  It seems like there is something "special" every day, which leaves little time for picking up those little things and tying up the loose ends. 

It seems like when you are the mom, Christmas is never really finished.  There's always something more to do - another Christmas card to send, a new kinds of cookie to make.  I think that's why the season is so stressful on so many people.  You're never really done. 

 These last 12 days of December I'm trying my best to slow down and just enjoy my kids enjoying the season.  Yes, I still have to pick up a gift or two.  And yes, there is sure to be at least one late night as we assemble some gifts.  But there are a lot of special moments to come too.  Like making cookies with the kids and counting down to Santa.  I'm promising myself not to lose those special moments in the last minute bustle.  Because whether or not those loose ends get tied up won't determine whether we have an amazing Christmas.  But how I handle these next 12 days will determine how I remember this Christmas.  And I want to remember it the way I've envisioned it: Relaxed, happy and together.  Not running around the mall.  So today, the craziness stops.  I'll pick up a thing or two here and there, but our holiday celebration begins now. 


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