Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Schmistmas??

I have one word to describe this Christmas season - BLAH.  So wrong...right?  But for some reason, I just cannot seem to get in the Christmas spirit.  Something shiny and happy is missing this year, and I have absolutely no idea what is it or where its gone.  At our house, the anticipation of Christmas usually begins with the "Countdown to the Countdown to the 24 days of Christmas." You know, the Santa and all things jolly marathon of Christmas shows and made for TV movies on ABC Family That starts basically right after Halloween.  We usually watch that channel and the shows again and again, with the same amount of joy on Christmas Eve as on November 1st.  I usually search the entire ABCFamily listing and plan our nights around my favorites - The Year without a Santa Clause, and Rudolph's Shiny New Year.   I have just been advised that Christmas is in 11 days, and I haven't seen either of them even once!  

At Thanksgiving,  we got out the tree. The other greenery I usually put up just sat in its bags for a few days before they all got shifted back downstairs.  The 10 or so bins I have full of Christmas decorations for the house never even made it up.  All I kept thinking about was the tremendous amount of work it takes to put all that stuff up, put the "usual" stuff away, then repeat.  I was exhausted just thinking about it!

Usually, I LOVE lights.  I have to bully Steve into putting them on the house, and he never puts on as many as I want (Think Clark Griswold).  This year, we have a small string of solar lights on the porch and a single pathetic string of icicle lights on the roof - that aren't even attached to an electrical cord, so can't be lit! Typically, I make the kids go down to the park and drive through the lights there at least a few times a week - we've been there twice... 

It's pathetic! Maybe it's because of the weather - two days of solid rain does not scream Christmas to me.  I NEED some snow.  Maybe it's because the kids don't seem as excited as last year.  B is now 9; I suspect he is on the cusp of losing his ability to hear the Christmas bell...that makes me Really Sad!  Maybe it's because I am so excited about our cruise in January that this Christmas is just "marking time" until we get to do the really fun stuff... who knows. Anyway, this year, I'm a Grinch. I need a Christmas Miracle - if anyone has one to spare! 


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