Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crazy Hair Day

Last week was spirit week at the kids' school.  Every day of the week, the kids had to bring in or do something different to show their support for the school.  For example, one day was pajama day, and the kids wore their jammies to school.  Another day was sports day, and everyone wore jerseys in support of their favorite athletic team.  And one day was crazy hair day.  Sounds like fun, right?

 It was.  Despite the fact that the "thing" each kid needed to bring in or do was different each day of spirit week, we had a good time with it.  Sweet Pea wore her Elmo slippers for silly sock day.  KJ brought in his beloved hockey stick on sports day.  And then came crazy hair day. 

On the morning that Sweet Pea's class had crazy hair day, I gave Sweet Pea crazy hair.  She looked great.  She looked so great, in fact, that KJ wanted crazy hair too.  KJ's class had not designated that day as crazy hair day, but in the spirit of sibling harmony (and really, just generally not caring what the other daycare moms think of me), I gave KJ crazy hair too.  He was thrilled with it.  He thought he looked cool and the kids were happy.  So, we went about our days. 

 Fast forward to 7 p.m. When I came home from work that night, the kids had already eaten dinner and were playing in our family room.  Notably, both heads of hair were still crazy. As my usual, I asked the kids how their days were.  And KJ immediately answers me, "today was picture day!" 


Those are going to be some school pictures I'll never forget! 

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