Friday, November 11, 2011


Happy 11-11-11, November 11, 2011! Can you believe how fast November is speeding through already? It will be time for Christmas before we know it!!

But, alas that topic is for another day. Today, I really don't have many interesting thoughts and of course as my luck would have it, it's my turn for a Friday slot of JD Moms. So I sat down at my computer trying to think of something to share with my fellow Mommies out there. Yeah, I got nothing.

So, since today is a special number day and because it is November, I thought I’d give you 11 things that I am thankful for this 11 -11-11th.

Today I am thankful for…
1.      The crayon scribble drawing from L texted to me this morning.

2.      The fact Diet Pepsi has 0 calories…since I drink enough to drown a village.

3.      FaceTime on my iPad so that at 10:02 a.m. I can check in with my kids while they watch Caillou.

4.      Printing companies that can do rush jobs so I can get  the brief I forgot had to go on Monday out the door.

5.      The fact that instead of a business lunch today, I munched on Chicken Nugget happy meals with my husband and kids.

6.      I wore my dark blue jeans today so the chocolate milk spray from L (See 5 above) is nearly invisible.

7.      The nude lip makeup trend, so that I can look trendy even though I simply did not have time to put lipstick on this morning!

8.      Female partners, so I have someone who understands my pain when I realize I have sat all day with a Transformer sticker on my pants.

9.      Pastel color post it notes. I still have no idea why they invented the dark purple and blue ones anyway. I mean come one can read them no matter how dark of pen you use!

10.  Voicemail – so I can get through a mail pile without being interrupted 1000 times by calls

11.  Fridays…because….well, it’s Friday!
Yes, I know this post is nothing thought-provoking or interesting, but just some random fun thoughts to get you through your Friday afternoon! Have a great 11-11-11 everyone!


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