Thursday, November 24, 2011

25 Things to Be Thankful For

No, this is not the countdown to the 25 days 'til Christmas (although, that is right around the corner).  And yes, you have seen everyone's list of things they are thankful for (family, friends, etc.).  So, I was trying to be a little creative (while being serious and funny all in the same list) and come up with a list of basic things that I am thankful for that I don't typically think of every day. (Don't get me wrong - I am very thankful for my family, friends, roof over my head, food on my table.  I just wanted to try something a little different this year). 

1. My Honda Civic - we have been together for 11 years and approximately 117,000 miles, and she still gets me to work and doesn't typically bankrupt me at the gas pump.

2. The gym at work - you have helped this very busy mom find time to work out and improve my self esteem.

3. The balloon guy and face painting lady at the craft fair - you always make my children feel very special with your creations.

4. The athletes at the Special Olympics games - you truly understand the meaning of "trying your best" and enthusiasm. 

5. Hershey bars - because B can pretty much be bribed by you!

6. The dollar aisle at Target - because I can "let" A & B get a prize without going overboard.

7. The smell of pine trees - ahh - memories from Dairymen's.

8. A perfume counter - Grandma Zarn, I miss you so much!!

9. My microwave - because it actually makes me a "cook!"

10. The Altoona Campus basketball refs - for giving every little kid playing basketball a chance to make a basket and make each kid feel like a star.

11. Victoria's Secret  -while we do have some issues, thank you for making this mom feel pretty.

12. The portable DVD players - without you, traveling would be horrendous.

13. The Ramada in the QC - for giving us a great place to stay and catch up with friends and family!

14. Merle Norman concealer - thanks for covering up these zits and wrinkles.

15. Raygun - for making hilarious t-shirts.

16. Having the ability to see many musicals when I was young  - Les Miz, Phantom, Joseph  - I still love this music.

17. Diet Moutain Dew - because I finally realized how long a treadmill it takes to burn off the calories from a regular Pepsi.  And, hello, caffeine.

18. My best friend's paparrazzi skills - sometimes, I only have pictures of A & B because of you :)

19. Pie at Village Inn - because you can't balance a budget on an empty stomach.

20. Rest areas on the interstate - because I have a small bladder (and you don't realize you need one until you are on I-88 from Dixon to Rockford!)

21. No tolls in Iowa!!

22. Highlighters - because without you my notes are so confusing!

23. My watch - even if I am always late, you always seem to give me a few more minutes.

24. My DVR - so the shows I watch don't all have to be cartoons or the Disney Channel.

25. Shoes - I just love shoes.

I hope this Thanksgiving brings you many things to be thankful for!

Jean Anne

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