Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy What?

This week has been a busy week for our house. Yes, it was our 8th wedding anniversary and my hubby’s birthday. And no, I did not plan it that way – September is busy enough as it is! You might be wondering, what exciting things did we do for our anniversary and his birthday? Well, drum roll please….

NOTHING! Yep, I completely botched both the anniversary and birthday this year. Our anniversary was spent with the girls at Sugar Shack, supporting the Centennial Elementary PTA and hubby’s birthday will be spent at soccer practice and Hy-vee. As for gifts…well…Again, epic fail.

In all fairness, we recently purchased a used Dodge Durango (aka they hubby’s hunting vehicle). And he did get a new trailer/hauling thing for it on Saturday. We seem to have succumbed to the mode of “when we need something, we just go buy it.” And he seems ok with it. But I feel horrible. Plus, I even forgot cards from A & B! (Although, they did wish him a happy birthday as soon as they woke up AND sang him happy birthday!)

I just keep wondering, what happened this year? Last year, I was on a roll. We spent our “lucky 7” anniversary in Las Vegas – our 1st big trip away from the girls. And, because it was our 7th anniversary and John Elway (#7) was his favorite football player, he also got an autographed, full-size Elway helmet. It was GREAT!! 
To top it off, hubby got me a beautiful watch this year from Joseph’s for our anniversary. And what did I get him? NOTHING! Not even a card!

So, it makes me wonder…did I go to big last year? And I love giving gifts, so what is stopping me from spoiling hubby this year?  We are currently planning to celebrate our anniversary in October, when we attend his 10 year college reunion without A & B (I know - a weekend away!).  But I just feel that I should have done something a little more special now.

Any ideas to make it up to him?


Jean Anne

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